Sunsational Soaps - Laundry Butter (64 loads)

Sunsational Soaps - Laundry Butter (64 loads)

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Description : This all natural, vegan, biodegradable and septic-safe laundry butter replaces your laundry detergent. 1 TBSP of laundry butter is all that is needed for clean and fresh laundry. For really tough stains rub a small amount of the laundry butter directly on the fabric. **for front load machines, do not use the soap dispenser but add directly to the tub with the clothing. **if you are making the switch from a synthetic, scented laundry detergent I recommend a long pre-soak cycle to strip the fabrics of product build up. Other uses: Bathroom cleaning, add some to a sponge, cloth or brush to easily remove soap scum from your tub and tile. Drop a tsp in the toilet bowl, let sit and brush clean Floors, 1 tsp in a bucket filled with hot water will clean the dirtiest of floors Kitchen: make a paste with the laundry butter and a little water to clean your stove top and oven. Be sure to rinse well before turning either on.

Item Number : 10-21

Category : Bath

Brand : Community Corner