Shop With Heart

About Us


To impact our community in a meaningful way through re-sale of apparel and accessories.


Providing an inclusive, welcoming and joyful shopping experience, while supporting the local economy and supporting those in need.


Community. Connection. Inclusion.


This store began as a dream in my heart and has flourished into the thriving business we have today! Instead of heading back to my corporate job after my second maternity leave I decided to change careers and work closer to home. Unfortunately, not speaking intelligible French, I was not hopefuly about finding a job in my community... so I created one! 

I opened Heart's Content Consignment in July 2020 - right in the middle of the unexpected pandemic. It has been a wild ride of delays, regulations, masks and shut downs but the community we have built up around the store has stuck by us and I am forever grateful. 

Each and every time you choose to spend your hard earned money with us you are directly supporting a member of your community who gets paid when their items sell. I appreciate each and every purchase and will continue working hard to bring you quality items at reasonable prices. You are so important to me and I want you to LOVE the clothes you are in - so go on and Shop With Heart <3

So what makes us different?

We have heart! We truly care about our community, our customers and our consignors. We want to touch people’s lives and make them better. We aim to be the heart of the community, a place for people to come and feel welcome, included and valued.

We offer a pleasant shopping experience in a clean, organized and cheerful environment. We have options for all sizes, even maternity clothing and accessories.

  • We give back to those in the community who need it most by donating items monthly.
  • We support and empower other local entrepreneurs and businesses by giving them a platform in the store.
  • We support local whenever possible.
  • We offer a Take A Book, Leave A Book selection in store – all free!
  • We have fun! Follow us on social media and vote weekly in our Who Wore It Better segment, guess if an item is priced High or Low, and weigh in on whether you prefer This or That! And don’t forget to say hi to our mannequins Molly, Mabel and Mavis when you pop in to the store.

We get it – times are hard. Right now we are all living with uncertainty, isolation and financial restrictions. We wanted to create a space that would spark joy, where everyone would feel included and valued. There’s never any pressure to purchase. We offer a safe environment for you to pop in to say hi, window shop, or grab a new read. Our awesome selection and great prices mean you can treat yourself and not break the bank. It’s guilt free. Because we all need that right now. If you feel like you are alone with all this online shopping, come on in! We would love to show you around.


What exactly is consignment anyway?

Consignment is an arrangement in which a business (Heart’s Content) accepts items for sale and agrees to pay the consignor (you) a percentage of the proceeds (40%) if and when the items sells. Simply put: we sell items from local women to local women.

What COVID-19 protocols do you have in place?

  • We are doing our best to help you stay safe during this crazy time by following all local and provincial regulations as well as offering above and beyond measures to make your shopping experience stress-free:
    • One change room available which is sanitized between uses
    • Two hand sanitizing stations provided Masks mandatory (and available for sale as well)
    • Limiting the number of shoppers and using floor markings to ensure proper social distancing
    • Keeping the door open to increase air flow when weather permits
  • We are offering online shopping, delivery, and curbside pickup as options for those not comfortable coming to see us in person.
  • Want to browse but don’t want to touch? Let us know what you’re looking for and we can send you pictures of options that are available.
  • Do I need an appointment to shop?

    Nope - You can come by any time the store is open and shop to your heart’s content! We also have a selection of new items available for sale online for you to browse from the comfort of your own home. If you like shopping in person but feel nervous about social distancing in public book a private shopping experience, or a bubble party for you and a few others who are already in your social bubble.

    Are you offering curbside pick up?

    Absolutely. Shop online and let us know when you will be coming by to pick up – we can bring your items to your car or meet you at the door!

    What is a bubble party and how do I book?

    A bubble party is a private shopping experience for you and up to 5 others who are inside your social bubble. We close the store and give you the chance to shop privately for an hour without worrying about anyone else. The cost is $25, unless you spend $50 or more collectively (before tax). Add a bottle of bubbles and make it a sip and shop!

    Where can we find you?

    Our store is in Rockland, Ontario – just a few minutes East of Ottawa. Come see us in store (2848 Laurier Street, Unit 3, Rockland, Ontario K4K1A3) or connect with us on your favourite social media platform.

    What brands do you sell?

    We are proud to offer a wide variety of brands from Joe Fresh to Prada. We understand that we are serving a community with a wide variety of tastes and budgets – so whether you are looking to snag an exceptional deal on a designer purse, or simply need an inexpensive pair of black pants for work – we’ve got you covered.

    What forms of payment do you accept?

    • Cash
    • E-transfer
    • Debit/Interac
    • Apple Pay
    • MasterCard, VISA and American Express

    What is your return policy?

    All sales are final. Once an item sells we begin to make arrangements to pay the consignor, and so we cannot facilitate returns.

    How do I make an appointment to sell my items?

    Please use our online scheduling platformto make your appointment.

    How does it work?

  • After making your appointment for your preferred date and time online you will receive an email with our consignor policies. Please review these carefully as they are subject to change without notice.
  • When your appointment time arrives pack up your 20 best items, freshly laundered and looking great, and bring them in to the store. You will leave them with us to look over and within a week you will receive a contract by email for e-signature. Any items we did not take will be available for you to pick up (along with any hangers, boxes or bags you left) within 7 days, or they will be donated.
  • We keep your items on sale in the store for 120 days, after which time any unsold items are donated directly to a local organization for women in need.
  • Can I drop clothing off any time?

    No, in order to make sure we are controlling our inventory properly you MUST have a consignment appointment.

    Can I bring more than 20 items?

    No, please make another appointment for a different day if you have more than 20 items to consign.

    Can I have my items back if they don’t sell?

    No. The core of our business model is corporate social responsibility and a main way we do that is giving back to the community by donating our unsold items monthly. Please remove any items you are not comfortable donating if they do not sell during the 120 day contract period. No exceptions will be made.

    Do you take donations?

    No. Every item in our store is owned by someone in the community who gets paid when it sells.

    What is your VIP Consignor Program?

    If you are a loyal consignor and consistently bring us quality items to sell each month you can participate in our VIP Consignor Program. You will be automatically entered into the program after three consecutive months of consigning with us. From there, you will receive a 50/50 split on items sold, e-transfer payment option instead of a cheque, and guaranteed appointments every month, even if we are fully booked. We will host special events for VIP Consignors once social distancing restrictions have been lifted, and offer special sales from time to time for our VIP Consignors also.

    Where do you donate the items?

    We rotate donations monthly between the following organizations: Rockland Help Centre, Salvation Army, Dress for Success and Interlude House. If you know of an organization that would benefit from donations from Heart’s Content please let us know!


    the Clarence-Rockland Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business