The Best Mask For Your Face Shape

Good and bad news here folks. I have done a TON of research on this topic because I wanted to be able to offer you a tactical guide for selecting a mask that will fit you well. Unfortunately, I have come up short on any helpful advice on how to choose a mask based on your face shape. But, not all is lost!

I did learn that, across the board, the most important thing about your mask is that it actually fits. Duh. No really, hang with me for a minute.

If you are like me, you probably grabbed a home-made mask and wore it because it was what you had. It might have pulled a bit on your ears, or had a gap at the bridge of your nose, or maybe it didn’t fully cover your chin which meant it moved around when you talked. Been there. The most important thing to do is to keep trying different shapes, patterns and sizes because masks are not a one size fits all.

So although I can’t offer you any specific guidelines on what mask shape works best for a square, oval or heart-shaped face, I can offer you encouragement that the right mask shape IS out there - it will just take some experimenting to find it. Think of the journey like a treasure map. It might take you on twists and turns along the way, but its gold when you finally find your perfect mask.

Though I can’t personally relate, I have been hearing a lot about the perils of wearing a mask if you have glasses. Specifically, the dreaded fog up!!

If you wear glasses and have not been lucky enough to find the perfect mask yet, I’ve done some research to help guide you when selecting a mask:

  • Make sure your mask has a nose bridge (bendable metal strip). This will help the mask sit firmly on your nose and cheeks to reduce exhaled breath escaping out the top and fogging you up.
  • Adjustable ear straps can also help to ensure a snug fit and reduce runaway air from your mouth coming out of the top of your mask.
  • A straight fold across nose and cheek bones is important, so that your glasses can sit on top. Try the pleated rectangular styles (pleats face down). The weight of the frames on top of the mask helps block the flow of air.

So there you have it. My imperfect, maybe not so helpful, summary of my research into helping you find the perfect mask shape for your face shape. In summary, every face is different and you have to put in the work to find your perfect match. Kind of like love…

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