Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Ok friends, after today I hope we are FINALLY done with the snow and cold, and on to spring! And you know what that means … spring cleaning. I thought we could take it a step further and spring clean our wardrobes!

It’s time to put away all of your winter items – those heavy sweaters and fleece lined leggings. Fold them up and put them in a bin for when the snow starts to fall. You are going to want to keep a few key pieces for layering, such as a cardigan, lightweight long sleeved t-shirts, lightweight leggings, etc.


Once you’ve taken out all of the heavy winter items it’s time to look at what is left and as yourself three key questions: Do I even like this? Did I wear this at all over the winter? Does it fit? If you can answer no to any of these items, set it aside (more on that later).  


Now, it’s time to bring on the summer clothes! Gather up those dusty sundresses and tank tops from the depths of the basement (or wherever you keep off-season clothes) and ask yourself am I excited to wear this? Next step: TRY IT ON. If it doesn’t fit add it to your pile. Throw everything you are left with into the wash and get it ready to make an appearance in your new spring wardrobe. You can go through this exercise with your coats, purses, shoes and accessories (scarves, belts, etc.) too!


Now – we tackle this pile of misfit items. You are going to separate into three categories:

  1. Throw away (I am giving you full permission to toss items that are of no value)
  2. Donate
  • But please, do not donate junk. If it is missing a button, ripped, stained etc. it is a throw away item - see above
  1. Consign
  • We are nearly ready to start taking on new consignment appointments!!
  • Be sure to quality control check these items to make sure they are in good shape and give them a wash up.
  • Set them aside and keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for news on when we open up consignment for summer!!)


And there you have it – spend a bit of time and you can achieve an organized closet full of items that you love, that fit you, and that you are stoked to wear when the warm weather hits. You have some in between layering pieces to get you through the cool mornings and evenings, and your cold weather wardrobe is tucked away for another few months. Oh, and you can feel great about donating items to your community or making some extra money on those really special pieces through consigning with Heart’s Content!


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