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Beyond the Spoon

It's about more than just creating with spoons. It is bringing the old and unwanted silverware of the past to creating unique wearable art pieces that will be loved and cherished again.

"A few years ago I was in Central America and popped into a small shop that supported local artisans that a used exclusively upcycled items. I saw rings and bracelets made with discarded forks and spoons and I was intrigued even more. I came home and started to experiment and test myself. I quickly realized that I was not just able to create pieces from antique silverware and such, I was working with a part of history and keeping it alive for many years to come. I help others preserve a family pieces to be enjoyed for many more years instead of it just being tucked in a drawer or in a box. I have a vast selection of patterns and styles available at every price point but I work really hard at making sure many of my pieces are available for all. I am not just a jewelry makers, I am a metal worker who creates unique pieces from our past for our future. I love what I do and love see and hearing about the joy my pieces bring to others."
- Teresa Shevel, owner and creator


We are proud to offer a variety of locally made products, both online and instore:

Sunsational Soaps & Lotions
Maddy’s Sunkissed Creations
Splattered Hippo Arts
Lemongrass & Lavender Skincare
Beyond the Spoon
Koaino Soaps
Elle & Em
Shoreline Jewelry

As well as locally made masks!


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